There’s something inexplicable about the next morning. A lingering feeling. Vibe. Flashbacks. Muscle ache. Sweet reminders of a sensational night. And the desire… nothing makes you crave sex more than great sex the night before. Sweet idleness of the weekend morning, mixed with burning lust. 

It’s a defining moment in your existence. Do you feel guilt? Do you question your decisions? What if? Maybe you shouldn’t have? What will…? 

Do you allow doubt to overpower the sensual indulgement that you feel? Do you brush it off and move on? 


Do you embrace your experience? Do you feel empowered by it? Does it fuel your desire to live? To enjoy life? To feel good? To go after new experiences with passion and confidence?

The overpowering aroma of the coffee clears the confusion. You know exactly what happened… a great moment in time, a carnal journey, a powerful expression of your libido. A beautiful memory, and an exciting inspiration. 

Life is good.