Myself, I prefer to order only appetizers as they are usually more creative than the main courses. They also give you more control over how much you want to eat. I usually order three appetizers. 

When matching the drinks – it’s better to order wines by the glass, so you can have a proper pairing for each appetizer, instead of having a whole bottle that may not pair well with some of them.

Traditionally, appetizers are matched with wine, but lately, I’ve been working on a cocktail list to match the food. It’s unusual, but I want to try it in my next restaurant.

It’s difficult to say which one is my favourite, but you can never go wrong with shellfish. Lobster is always a winner, shrimps are great in any form, squid is very underrated… but foie gras is always a good choice too. Soups as well – there are endless combinations with them.

When ordering appetizers, get creative and don’t stick to what you already know. Try new things, get your taste buds excited.

(Excerpt from an interview with JP Challet)